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Born Killer is book 1 of the Bad Devils MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Bred Killer and Made Killer are available everywhere now!

What if a killer took you to bed?

I've had enough of bikers.

My scumbag father left us when I was just a baby.

But Race is dead-set on making me his…

And giving me a baby of my own.


I grew up in broken homes.

The child of drug addicts, I've seen the worst horrors life has to offer.

But I survived it all.

The abuse. The neglect. The pain. The suffering.

My scars and tattoos are a testament to what I've done to stay alive.

People know at first glance I've had trouble in my past.

And the Bad Devils MC patch on my kutte lets them I'll probably have more in my future.

But women can never resist a dangerous bad boy.

They flock to my side and beg me to own them for the night.

Except for Delilah.

She takes one look at me and tries to escape.

She can tell that this is not an act or a façade.

I'm a born killer.

And she knows that the best thing to do is run from me.

But I won't let that happen.

She's too precious, too pure, too beautiful for any other man but me.

We're both broken in our own unique ways.

But I'm determined to make her shatter for me.

And only for me.


I knew he was danger from the second I saw him.

But I just couldn't stay far enough away.

Race is relentless and savage.

He won't stop until I'm in his bed, moaning his name, pleading for more and more and more.

And even that won't be enough.

Because Race wants a family to replace the one he never had.

And in me, he's found his woman.

All that's left is for us to make a baby.

Whether I want it or not.

26 February
E-Book Publishing World Inc.
E-Book Publishing World Inc.

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