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What is it that turns someone into a cold-blooded killer? It is more than evil, more than bad genes, more than horrible childhoods. In this volume the stories reveal the complexity of abnormal human behaviour. In some cases the reason appears to be psychosis or demonic voices, for others, overpowering compulsions with deep psychological roots and for some killing is better than sex and the only way they can achieve total gratification. Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Chase, Andrei Chikatilo and many more.


Part One : Children who Kill – what makes them kill? including Mary and Norma Bell, Jessie Holtmeyer, Larry Schwartz

Part Two : Men who Kill – these men are monsters including The Yorkshire Ripper, The Cannibal Killer,The Boston Strangler, The Ultimate Psycho, The Real Dracula.

Part Three : Women who Kill – can women be a cold-blooded as men? including Elizabeth Bathory, Lizzie Borden, Velma Barfield, Mary Ann Cotton, Florida's Black Widow.

Part Four : Couples who Kill – torturous teams including Fred and Rosemary West

22 December
Canary Press
Omnipress Limited

Customer Reviews

LJR! ,

Could have been written by a high school student.

Whilst this book contains plenty of interesting case studies on a number of different types of killers, it is incredibly badly written for something that has been published. It was clearly not even proof read, or most, if not all of the simple errors would have been fixed. Then again, for 99 cents you can't really complain.

Witchyangel11 ,

born to be killers

Interesting info which has already been much more adequately drawn together in numerous other books on killers. Good for basic info, but lacking in depth and certainly in writing style.

Thejudge400 ,

Not good

"...Pearl Jam, and in particular, their song Jeremy. It would seem that young Barry took the song to heart. and for those who have never seen the video to the song – it shows a boy killing his classmates." Are you serious? Has the author even seen the video for Jeremy? The boy kills HIMSELF in the video, not his classmates. I stopped reading at this point, as the author clearly has done little of his own actual research. Also, this book reads like a morality lesson from a preacher. I'd say, give it a miss

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