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A scary-hot auction night at The Billionaires Club: A former nun with angel beauty fallen on hard times. A devastating billionaire with an angel's name. Forbidden lust emerges when the ropes and whips come into play.

Please note: This is explicit erotica for women. There are many adult books designed for men's tastes. This isn't one of those.

The whole experience felt so dreamlike, I stamped my foot in the shiny new shoe. I felt and heard the stamping.
Gabe grinned. “You aren’t dreaming.”
“I’m not sure I can do whatever it is you want me to do.” I stared at my hands, nails clipped short to stay as clean as possible.
Uncanny man. He seemed to know my thoughts, my feelings. I wanted to feel that close to someone, but he’d learn all the bad stuff, my worst desires. He’d know the way I craved my priest, imagined him holding me down and breaking me, taking my innocence.

One night of public submission on Gabe's private island and Pia gains a new life. But billionaires will bid to have rough Black and Latino men enact secret desires on her unprotected body. Gabe's dirty show might have a higher cost than either of them expects.

BOUND Innocent is a standalone, near-future Dark Fantasy Erotica novella rated 18+ due to language, sexual content and mature themes, including a former nun's unprotected interracial public submission to big men. No cliffhanger. BOUND is the fourth episode in The Billionaires Club series. Contents may be triggering for some readers. If you're not looking for dirty book, don't read it. :)
Adventurous readers, enjoy!

Fiction & Literature
23 January
Q. Zayne
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