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Oberon Prime and Titania Alpha, are perfect android and human breeding grounds! Not too cold, not too hot, and the gravity is just right, even if a little weaker than here. Doctor Maxwell Sohn, of 'Sohn, Space Industries', found two planets with favorable conditions for human life to prosper. He made it his mission in life, to create a second chance for humanity to make things right.

With earthlings destroying their biosphere, and impact threats from above, he knows time grows short for those on a once hospitable Earth. The welcome-mat growths thin.... Expansion and diversity off planet, is the only way to win!

After creating an army of sentient androids, and getting enough of them to volunteer for a dangerous space adventure, his mission to the stars takes shape (book one: Android Lives Matter). He sends androids to the stars with biologic materials, and the necessary equipment to artificially grow humans.

Nyla and Wilber Sohn, (Dr. Sohn's adopted android companions) become the proud parents of a bakers-dozen of human infants on a far off world. Nyla thinks of them as her dirty-dozen, who are always in need of a bath. And, for the most part, she's right. Even though she does her best! They grow like alien weeds! Providing great challenges for the two androids.

Along the way, they meet with what earthling would consider extra-terrestrial life-forms. Some friendly .... some not so much! An alien headband obtained during a pirate raid on their spacecraft during the long flight to Oberon Prime, teaches the ways of advanced technologies. As desperate gray's, make peace with their own fate.

A multi-verse of cosmic domains, and a slipstream running throughout, creates an endless source of adventure. Nyla and Wil, raise a brood of human children on an alien world, far from home. But, to the young humans, Oberon Prime and Titania Alpha are not strange planets at all! They are home! And, they wouldn't have it any other way!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
10 January
Michael Tobin
Smashwords, Inc.

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