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A new, improved and thoroughly updated edition of the bestselling photographic guide—the only one to cover every bird, in every plumage, ever recorded in Britain and Ireland

A bestselling guide since it was first published, Britain's Birds has quickly established itself as the go-to photographic identification guide to the birds of Great Britain and Ireland—the most comprehensive, up-to-date, practical and user-friendly book of its kind. Acclaimed by birdwatchers of all kinds, from the beginner to the most experienced, the guide has now been thoroughly revised and updated to make it even better than before. Combining the finest of identification guide content and presentation, this eagerly awaited second edition preserves the best of the first edition while covering twelve newly recorded species and offering a host of improvements that make identification easier.

Provides comprehensive coverage of all the birds ever recorded in Britain and IrelandDescribes and illustrates all plumages likely to be encounteredFeatures more than 3,200 stunning photographs carefully selected to show the birds as you really see themOutlines simple steps to help you identify any bird you seePresents simple and accurate comparisons of similar and difficult species
New features include:

Coverage of 12 new species recorded since the first edition plus revisions to reflect the latest taxonomyCoverage of all subspeciesImproved identification aids, including more than 400 new photos, enhanced photo annotations and many redesigned platesFully revised species accounts, including the latest information on identification features, status, numbers, geographical range and date ranges for all plumages that may be seen during only part of the year

Science & Nature
14 July
Princeton University Press
Princeton University Press

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