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Bubba Yum Yum is a treasure trove of nutritional information and nourishing Paleo recipes to put you and your little one on the path to optimum health.

Charlotte Carr, Helen Padarin and Pete Evans have seen firsthand the positive impact a paleo way of living has had on their families’ wellbeing, and in Bubba Yum Yum they serve up advice, information and more than 80 simple, delicious paleo recipes for new mothers, babies and toddlers. 

This comprehensive guide includes tips on everything from sourcing the best and freshest ingredients to how to prepare your body and home for the birth of your child. The gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free recipes range from pregnancy tonics to first solids and complete toddler meals. Whether it’s a Creamy Coconut Smoothie or Oodles of Zoodles with Dinosaur Sauce, you can be sure your new baby will discover the joys of healthy, nutritious food right from the start.

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31 May
Peter Evans Chef Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

soozanne ,

Common Sense Guide to Feeding your Kids

This book not only covers pre-conception but pregnancy, new born, intro to food and the years beyond.
There are recipes in here that I will be using for my forever whinging teenagers!
The ingredient list isn't too absurd either. The items are things you will be able to get in most places easily or online within a few days. The stuff you will need everyday is super accessible (coconut flour anyone?).
This way of eating and preparing food for your young family might take some getting your head around if you don't already live this way (even partially) but the benefits will far outweigh any time factor in setting this up and sticking to it.
Thank you Pete and Co for brining out a book like this

Robo Ridehard ,

A Divine & Timely Book!

As a Mum I instinctually know that this beautiful book & all it's delicious, nutritious recipes are ideal for little growing bodies. There is simply nothing dangerous about this book and the yummy recipes shared are in fact exactly what my wonderful Mum prepared & fed to my 3 older brothers & I on over 40 years ago. I applaud & celebrate the courageous Bubbayumyum authors for providing such truly, wholesome nourishment & up to date information & for standing up to the fear mongering, powers that be whose motives I can't even begin to comprehend!

Islaooo ,

Great cookbook!

Delicious recipes that I am really looking forward to trying out on the whole family. These will go down very well in a family full of allergies and conscious eaters. Thankyou!