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Buddhism World's Best Collection

This is the best Buddhism Writings Collection available, including the most famous and important works about Buddhism.

Do you want a clear, easy understanding of Buddhist concepts?

Think about the calm inner peace you want…Buddhism has been practised for thousands of years, helping people achieve a stress-free outlook on life. Imagine the serenity you will find when you understand it. Imagine what your renewed life will be like..

Path To Your Calm, Stress-Free Serenity

To achieve this, this collection is designed to make Buddhism simple, easy-to-follow and enjoyable, so you can apply it to your life quickly.

These works are from acclaimed Buddhist Zen Masters and Experts, guaranteed to provide the rejuvenating knowledge you want.

This Is The Best Buddhism Book You Can Get, Including:

Zen For Americans – Sermons Of A Buddhist Abbot

Historic series of electrifying lectures, explaining Buddhis, from Soyen Shaku, Buddhist Abbot, Zen Master, Elder Master, and the first Zen Master to teach in the USA.

Chapters Include:

What is Buddhism?

Buddhist Faith

God-Conception of Buddhism

Buddhist Catechism - Questions And Answers

In use around the world to teach Buddhism, this has simple Questions and Answers concerning Buddha and all Buddhism Concepts. 

Chapters Include:

Understanding Dharma

Buddhism and Science

Fundamental Beliefs

Way To Nirvana

Series of lectures on Buddhism from Professor De La Valle-Poussin, holder of several Doctorates. 

Chapters Include:

The Buddhist Soul

Path to Nirvana

Life Of Buddha

The original epic poem about Buddha. Written by Asvaghosha Bodhisattva, the legendary Indian poet. 

Buddha, The Play

A play and story to help make Buddhism easy to understand, written by Professor Paul Carus, Ph.D., expert in Comparative Religion and Professor of Philosophy.

Your Free Bonuses:

The Dhammapada (With Introduction) - Most respected Buddhist text, written by the Buddha himself, sometimes called ‘the Path to Eternal Truth’.

Sutra Of The 42 Chapters (With Commentary) - The earliest Buddhist sutras (rules/formulas). Highly regarded as "the First Sutra” or first formula of Buddhism.

“How to Apply Buddhism in Daily Life” - written especially for this collection.

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This is the best Buddhism collection you can get, so get it now and start living the world of Buddhism like never before!

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