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“Building spiritual enterprises” is written to inspire and equip a new generation of Christian business people. God has a plan to bring heaven to earth and He is elevating the role of business in that plan. Even though the focus of the book is on business, it also is relevant to building a church, ministry or other enterprises.

It is three books in one. The first section is about building yourself spiritually for business and includes the issues of faith, doubt, success, contentment and hearing from God. The second section is about bring a spiritual foundation to your enterprise and includes the issues of anointings, gifts, vision and spiritual structures. The third section is about building the enterprise and includes the issues of values, culture, strategy and transitions.

The book approaches each of these issues with a solid Biblical foundation and adds Wayne’s experience in organisational development. It also has the stories of many Christian business people who building spiritual enterprises as well as some of the spiritual principles learnt in planting and building churches. (280 pages). The chapter titles are:-

Part one – You are a spiritual enterprise
1. What is a spiritual enterprise?
2. What is a successful spiritual enterprise?
3. Faith, hope and doubt in enterprise building
4. How to build faith for your enterprise
5. An enterprise builder’s relationship with God
6. Specific spiritual leadings for enterprise building
7. How to become less driven by your mind and emotions

Part two – You in a spiritual enterprise
8. Operating in the anointing in enterprise building
9. Using your gifts in spiritual enterprises
10. Understanding God’s vision
11. The spiritual structure of your enterprise
12. Adding excellence to your faith

Part three – Others in your spiritual enterprise
13. Values that drive your vision
14. Spiritual culture
15. Spiritual strategy and competition
16. Spiritual planning and goal setting
17. Doubling your enterprise
18. Transitions in spiritual enterprises

Wayne Back is an organisational consultant who has a specific interest in helping Christians follow their calling in the business world. Sign up for his blog at www.wayneback.com

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8 September
Wayne Back
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