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Laura Davis hates Marcus Giovanni. For as long as she’s known him, he has hurt her and gone out of his way to humiliate her. There was no way she was ever going to marry him. But forced down the aisle, she has no choice. The mafia won’t take no for an answer, and any fight she shows is ignored. She is now a Giovanni and at his mercy.

Marcus never wanted to marry Laura. Why would he? She’s nothing like the placid, submissive women of his world. She’s a fighter—and now he has to get her pregnant. To make sure her family’s fortune returns to the mafia’s control, he has to have a son with Laura.

Only, Laura has gotten under his skin, and when he looks at her, he no longer sees a problem but a beautiful woman—and Laura sees there is more to Marcus than the mafia bully she remembers. All this time, he’d pushed her away, and she was right there, in front of him.

When his newfound happiness is threatened, Marcus has no choice but to protect the girl he once bullied and pushed aside. Will he make it in time?

22 November
Evernight Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

HayBayFull ,

Good read

I was a bit hesitant going into this book but I can actually say that sam crescent has done a fantastic job with this book.

I was a fan of the past / present flash backs for Marcus and Laura. But otherwise fully enjoyed Marcus and Laura’s book and there HEA

Jandafrazer ,

Enemy to lovers story

4 stars

This book couldn’t be anymore direct if it tried. It had a great plot, interesting characters, dark themes and a bully to lovers ending. The only issue I found was it was too direct. The story could have been drawn out more, the characters movements and thoughts been added into the story instead of just direct conversations.

However I really enjoyed the scenes between the couple and their angst even though they have been forced into this situation. I enjoyed the bad guy/good guy vibe, and locking his wife away in the tower so to speak.

Definitely dark romance with non consent/ taken vibe

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