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The fourth book in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling Carly Moore series.

Be careful where you dig…

Life in Drum, Tennessee has been quiet since corruption was uncovered in the sheriff’s department three months ago—too quiet. Still, Carly is shocked when she discovers one of her sweetest lunch customers at the tavern has committed murder in cold blood. 

Carly is certain the woman was fulfilling an infamous “favor” for the town patriarch, Bart Drummond, but now she has to prove it. She already knew that Drum has two sides—the side they show the world, and the seedy underbelly. Only in Drum, all things seedy lead back to two men—Bart Drummond and the local drug king, Todd Bingham. 

The deeper Carly gets, the more she begins to question everything, even her desire to have her own family. But even if she could forget Bart’s threat is hanging over her head, she can’t forget that her father is still searching for her, ready to drag her back to her own death. She needs to uncover the truth, but everything is buried in secrets.

Crime & Thrillers
24 November
Denise Swank

Customer Reviews

Cameron682 ,

Emotional To The End.


What would make a sane mother shoot a man and murder him in broad daylight?
Does this have anything to do with Bart Drummond and his infamous favors? Or is it unrelated and something else just as sinister? These are questions that will keep you enthralled and be on your mind until the final chapter.

Carly and Marco set about trying to find clues and reasons why Pam killed Jim Palmer. They are hoping it will link to Bart and be another piece to bring his empire down. I had a few theories floating around, but I didn’t see the connection until the very end.

With this series, it’s not just about the whodunnit and the Drummond puzzle it’s also regarding the citizens of Drum. I was on a high progressing through this episode with the relationships and street party but then the last quarter got deep and emotional. I’m still processing all that was revealed. Some answers are uncovered but so many more are still out there with regards to Carly and her dilemma.

If you have been waiting for this book to be released and want to know if it’s important to the overall concept, my answer is Yes! And my advise is don’t wait, dive right in now.

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