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Bushwalk is the second book in the interactive Musicadventures series, which puts learning about music directly into the hands of children. Aimed at children aged 4-6 years old, a range of engaging activities take readers on a magical and musical journey into the Australian bush. Readers follow Eva, who leads the imaginary bushwalk and performance, and together they meet a wombat, a kangaroo, a kookaburra and a rather slimy snake. Through a series of chants and rhymes about these bush creatures, children will develop confidence in singing, playing, moving and composing.


Children can also add their own personal stories and photographs as they progress through the book, test their knowledge through quizzes and receive a certificate at the end of their rewarding journey.


Bushwalk is the latest offering from Australia’s leading provider of music education, Musica Viva. We encourage children to learn through play and independent exploration. Readers who have experienced a Musicadventures book have talked about it for months afterwards and can’t wait to read more.

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10 July
Musica Viva In Schools
Musica Viva Australia

Customer Reviews

Aunty Kazoo ,

I spent the dollar

Very disappointed at the lack of consistency in this book. Initially very excited, but it was slow and chunky as another wrote. Videos took ages and kept freezing. Everytime I opened it it would open to the very end. Made using this in class a real problem, as I would try setting up the chapter I wanted to use, only to find I was at the end of the book again, and page turning backwards took far too long. I’d even got my school to purchase copies for each of the 30 ipads they had at the school so the kids could use it too. I’ve now abandoned it for the class room, and its good luck to all the little kiddies trying to use it on the iPads.

Oz-Sycamore ,

Sample was enough

I really wanted to like this because it is from Music Viva but am glad I didn’t spend even the $1 special price. It feels clunky and contrived. I would not gift it or have it in my classroom.

theoriginalimac ,

Fun for kids

I've had both my girls explore and enjoy this title. Kept them going for hours. It's a Simple, fun and effective learning tool that works well for a non musical type like myself. Looking forward to future books from Musica Viva!

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