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Wishing for years she could fall through time to find her own Scottish Highlander, Ellie Keane all but shrieked when she found out about The Fantasy Experience from her cousin. After saving for a few months, she manages a trip to the FE ranch in Northern California, dons the costume provided, and anxiously awaits for the Highlander to kidnap her. The red-haired, muscled man arrives in a kilt and sweeps her away. She tries to enjoy it, but she keeps noticing the little things. Before she knows it, she’s telling the man how to make the session better and more realistic.

Callan MacGregor began The Fantasy Experience with a handful of friends, and thanks to his success, he’s amassed a nice fortune. While the majority of his time is spent managing his empire, occasionally he likes to run the alpha Highlander session. Being Scots himself, he prides himself on the performance. Then his newest client shows up, a curvy beauty with dark hair and green eyes, and while he does his best to fight the intense attraction he has to her, she starts telling him how to do it better. Her fire and passion intrigue him, and he wants more than an hour with her. He wants a lifetime.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Callan must do everything to woo the lass and find a way into her bed and her heart. The only problem is, Ellie is rational, to the point she might walk away from him despite how her body responds to his touch. But Callan is determined, because women who support his dreams and ideas are rare, and he’s not letting his perfect match go.

22 July
Mythical Lake Press, LLC
Mythical Lake Press, LLC

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