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When I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2001, I was frozen in time. At that time, the only thing I knew about any cancer, is that if you have it, you die. I agonized over things like, am I going to dwindle away and die a painful death? How do I tell my kids? Do I have enough time to get things in order? Who will take care of my husband? My mind went on and on. I looked for someone to talk to who had been diagnosed with my stage of cancer. When I couldnt find any, I thought the worst. I was told that once people go through their ordeal with cancer, they dont want to talk about it. I got on my knees and promised God that if he got me through this, I would become that voice.

Well he kept his end of the bargain, and Im keeping mine. But the stories in this book are not just about me; they are about people who have fought and won their battles with every type and stage of cancer. In talking to them, I learned so much. The trauma one goes through from the beginning of the diagnosis to the end of the treatments makes it understandable that people want to forget it once its over. But the people in this book wanted to share their stories to let anyone going through this to know it is not a death sentence, and more importantthere is life after cancer! Belief in God, positive thinking, and a strong support system will see you through any trial.

The stories in this book are also about the people who stand with us and fight for us in the battle against cancer. Without them, we wouldnt survive.

So when you read these stories, look at not only the type of cancer they survived, but also the faith, love, and support they had. In some cases you will see how cancer changed their life for the better. So look at their lives post-cancer. Look at their strong, loving support system. When you feel depressed or feel like giving up, pick up this book and read one of the many inspirational stories. Youll learn not to be afraid of cancer; only be afraid if you dont do something about it. Then I guarantee, you too can become not just a survivor, but a Cancer Kickin Warrior!

Body, Mind & Spirit
24 September