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The rule:  Get married and have a baby.

When Grandpa Stinson dies, he expects nothing more than to keep his grandsons together, running the family's multibillion-dollar business.  But he's got just one unfaltering rule:  they have to get married and have a baby first.  The brothers disagree...wholeheartedly.  

But it's set in stone.  

Follow the rule or you're one grandson out of luck...

Stubborn, rugged, but oh-so-sexy, Roark Stinson, the oldest brother, refuses to give in to his grandfather's manipulations.  After all, women are the root of all evil, and he's never witnessed a relationship that actually works.  Then it hits him; it doesn't have to work.  

Roark just needs a warm body to agree to the terms...

Zoe Morgan never wanted to be anyone's "means to an end," especially not Roark Stinson's.  But his proposal is one she's in no position to refuse--can't refuse.  When the stakes are this high,  a warm body might just be exactly what she needs. 

Maybe--just maybe--Grandpa Stinson knew exactly what he was doing...

1 December
KS Publishing
Crystal Johnston

Customer Reviews

Kristy Heinicke ,


I received an ARC from the Emma, in exchange for an honest review.

I loved the blurb for this book, it had me intrigued, so I jumped at the chance to read the ARC. This is my first book that I've read by Emma, after reading this book, it wont be my last. 'Can't Get You Off My Mind' is book 1 of Emma's new series "Somewhere TX: Bachelors".... I absolutely LOVED it.

When Grandpa Stinson dies, at the will readin Roark & his brothers find out that they must be married & have a baby on the way in a year, in order to continue overseeing the families multi-million dollar business. Upon hearing this Roark barges out of his office changing his life instanly. Zoe is constantly working, paying off so much debt, leaving her with no life, but when she gets knocked, breaking a fish tank with her head, her life is changed dramatically....

I don't want to give too much of the storyline away, so I'll end there. OMG, what a story, this is a MUST READ for any readers who love a feel good read. It had me in tears at times, some parts were truely heartbreaking, but in others the characters had me going AWWWWW, out load. I devoured this book, I felt like I was inside the story when reading it. I can't wait to read what comes next for the Stinson brothers.

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