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A woman is taken from her home and her husband for his crimes, and finds herself dragged off and thrown into the depths of the labyrinth. In the lightless tunnels beneath the ground, she comes face to face with the minotaur, who has one purpose - to breed her. Fleeing through the twisting subterranean passages, she knows it's just a matter of time until she's caught - and impregnated.

This story is intended for mature audiences only, and features scenes of oral sex with a monster, reluctant sex, and impregnation - and is 5400 words in length.


Somewhere in the darkness, a bellow shook the stones, a rumbling like an earthquake beneath my feet, reverberating off the stone and hitting me with a palpable force. I let out a little cry of fear, too overwhelmed to even scream properly, and slid down along the wall to the floor.

I was trapped in the labyrinth. Trapped with the minotaur.

I could feel it’s hooves pounding closer to me, echoing through the stone floor like little peals of thunder. My head rose, tears still streaming down my chin. I couldn’t let it catch me. I had no hope of navigating the labyrinth, its home, but if I could keep ahead of it until I collapsed of exhaustion, maybe I’d die a slightly less violent death. My fingers clawed at the stone, hauling me up to trembling feet. The floor positively shook beneath me as the beast neared, and my frantic mind tried to guess which direction it was closing from. I chose right, and stumbled away, echoes of my feet barely audible above the snap of the minotaur’s hooves as it chased after me. I could heard the bellows of its breath chasing me. I could hear it’s sinister laugh, mocking my choice to flee before it, rolling over me like the waves of the ocean.

Fiction & Literature
14 April
JB Richards
Draft2Digital, LLC

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