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In the 1990s Jordon Belfort became one of the most infamous names in American finance: a brilliant, conniving stock-chopper.

He was the 'Wolf of Wall Street', whose life of greed, power and excess was so outrageous it could only be true no one could make this up! But the day Jordan was arrested and taken away in handcuffs was not the end of the madness.

CATCHING THE WOLF OF WALL STREET tells of what happened next. After getting out of jail on $10 million bail he had to choose whether to plead guilty and act as a government witness or fight the charges and see his wife charged as well. He cooperated.

With his trademark brash, brazen and thoroughly unputdownable storytelling, Jordan details more incredible true tales of fortunes made and lost, money-making schemes, parties, sex, drugs, marriage, divorce and prison.

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1 July
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JoboKiller ,


this book makes a lot more sense of things, it explains the beginning of Jordan's life, a mush easier read, but, you have to read the first book in order to make sense of the second book.

Bobbles432 ,

yet another generic, inspired review

i have just finished reading "The Wolf of Wall Street" & "Catching the Wolf of Wall Street". Both novels have been astounding! I have not been able to put book (reality - ipad) down until I finished the literature. In all, considuring Im from a small capital city in Australia(Darwin), the entirety of Jasons life seems as though it is something that could only happen outside of the world that we reside in - isn't that the the type of story that only Hollywood can produce?
Any how I have been drawn to his novel from the beginning word to the very last of both novels. I do hope that in the future that he does choose to pen another memoir of the next stages of his life, with the same passion and integrity he used for the first two.

If by some chance he happens to read this review, Thank you for such an amazing insight into a world that I have only just entered in (professionally) - however I am taking the accounting side of matters, although it has made me research all the benefits of investing in shares. Something I am seriously considering once I am 100% satisfied.

In all thank you for opening up about your life, it was truly an amazing biography to read. Despite the many, many bad things you have done,I am sure you have redeemed yourself for not only your children, but your own self. Take care and I do hope to be able to read yet another great story penned by you!

car a Ladlow

mark12345677 ,

Catching the Wolf of Wall Street

I loved this book, an absolute ripper from front to back. Lots of good life's lessons.
Highly recommended

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