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Bill and Sharon Timmons were heading down the highway to what was supposed to be the greatest moment in their lives, but ran out of gas in the pouring rain just miles from their honeymoon destination. As Bill pulled his car off the side of the road, Sharon was getting nervous and antsy about what are they going to do. Sharon said in a nervous voice, "Honey where are we, and why did you pass our exit which was ten miles in the other direction?"

Bill kissed his new bride on the cheek and set out in the pouring rain to find help.

Just moments later a tow truck pulled alongside Bill's broken down car with his beautiful new bride all alone in the car scared stiff. One of the men got out of the truck named Bubba while his brother Joe stayed in the truck. Bubba came over to the driver's side window and knocked. Sharon rolled down the window and said "Thank God you're here to help me and my husband get our car fixed."

Sharon had no idea these men in the tow truck weren't sent by her husband, but they played along with her telling her not to worry they would take care of everything. She also had no idea that her husband was already dead. Bill found help alright, but not at the right house. The men let Bill inside their filthy shack only to tie him down on their kitchen table and saw his body into pieces with a chainsaw. These men were ready to give this new bride the scare of her life before they lowered the chainsaw blade to rip her pretty flesh into pieces.

Fiction & Literature
31 March
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

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