Change @ work

A proven process that addresses the rational, emotional and political challenges of creating a better tomorrow

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One of the greatest challenges facing organisations whether in the public, private or third sector, is how to become more efficient whilst retaining staff loyalty and enthusiasm.

Those employing less than two hundred and fifty people account for the vast majority of jobs. If you lead one you will want it to be as productive as possible, provide outstanding services improve outcomes,a magnet for talent, creative and flexible,

But how do you achieve this sort of change without spending a fortune. You do it by harnessing the energy and expertise of your own staff. This book describes, in step by step detail, a proven change process, Change2, that can transform the culture and working practices of your organisation.

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13 November
Simon Edkins
Simon Edkins

Customer Reviews

shawryaj ,

It works!

This is an excellent resource for those wishing to see growth and development in their organisation. I have experienced the power of the process and the ownership and buy in it generated among staff. It moved a group that had a number of toxic characters and many ambivalent members into a much more cohesive group coalescing around the best staff members. The growth and development over time subsequent to using this process saw the organisation flourish. Allan Shaw (former Principal, The Knox School, Melbourne, Australia)

Fiona Forbes ,


In a world of constant change this is a proven process that ensures that organisations are highly productive and fulfilling places to work. Change@Work describes Change2 a process that I have used in many areas of my leadership journey over the past 10 years. The book gives the leadership of an organisation a ‘how to’ manual for not just the big changes they want to implement, but a framework that can be used for all changes once it becomes part of an organisation’s culture. Change2 poses key questions that begin to shape thinking and ultimately change mindsets from ‘can’t do’ to being more open to the opportunities change brings. I put this down to two important building blocks of the process, greater transparency and working collaboratively with the people we lead.

Professor Fiona Forbes
School Leader
President International Confederation of Principals (2017 -18)
CEO ConfigurED
Perth, Western Australia