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The bestselling practical and reassuring guide to overcoming self-defeating thoughts and behaviours, using cognitive behavioural therapy.
CHANGE YOUR THINKING is the bestselling guide to managing upsetting emotions by learning to think in a healthy and balanced way. It provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours, and taking control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and guilt. It also describes techniques for enhancing self-esteem, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness.

CHANGE YOUR THINKING is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the psychological approach used by therapists all over the world. Sarah Edelman explains CBT in a clear and compassionate way. This edition also contains a brand new chapter on mindfulness, demonstrating how mindfulness techniques can be integrated with CBT strategies.

'Normally I don't think books like this are very helpful, but CHANGE YOUR THINKING is really helping me to change my life. When I started reading it, I immediately felt like I could get back in control and actually improve what I had accepted as the status quo. the author gives a lot of simple tips that work, and the exercises are a big help. I highly recommend this book to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression.' (One of the many positive customer reviews.)

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 February
ABC Books
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Customer Reviews

MrsBaldock ,


Recommended by my psychologist I found this book to show me things about myself I never realized. More than that, I am learning why I react, believe, and think the ways that I do. This is a great tool in untangling all kinds of issues you either know of or don't know of yet. A good starting point.

maygoon ,

Life line

This book has changed my life. Anxiety is the lowest it’s been in ages and my mood has improved by using the exercises and techniques in this book. Thank you.

Seejay3614 ,

Change Your Thinking

Very interesting, well written, although the case studies are a bit over done. Still, a very useful book that explained a lot about what lies beneath the way we react to the pressures of life. I, for one, am finding the explanations and suggestions very useful in avoiding the negative impacts of stress on my own life. It's not a guaranteed outcome, but at least a sensible place to start.

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