Chasing Fire (Part 1): The Innocent‪ ‬

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Billionaire Nick Pacelli has wanted Isabella Lupton for years. Only her sweet and gentle innocence that had stopped him from chasing her.

Sheltered Isabella has loved Nick from afar, sure that a man of his power and experience would never be interested in someone like her.

After a kidnapping attempt leaves Isabella terrified, Nick whisks her away to his home on a private island. With gentle caresses and a firm hand, Nick teaches Isabella that love doesn't have boundaries, and that sometimes absolute trust is the only way to discover the truth.


Nick’s voice lowered to a seductive rumble of sound. It made her shiver with awareness. What was going on? Was he flirting with her?

“It’s important you understand I’ll keep you safe. Now, I want to know if you meant what you said at the party.”

“I…” Isabella struggled to focus on the early part of that night. Perhaps she shouldn’t have had extra drinks after all. She did remember seeing Nick with his girlfriend and the news about his upcoming engagement.

She stiffened in her seat. “I’m not sure what you are talking about, but I’m hoping I wished you well and offered my congratulations.”

A small smile flickered on his perfect lips before he stretched his long legs out, bracketing her feet between his. She was mesmerized by the intensity in his eyes. What had she said to him that night? Licking her lips nervously, her brows furrowed as he groaned.

“You can’t do that to me.”


“Lick those pretty pink lips. It makes me want to lick them too.”

Isabella gasped. “You…what?”

Nick sighed. “Clearly, there are things we need to talk about. First, let me say that there is no need for congratulations concerning Victoria. Things are over between us.”

“The three-week rule,” Isabella murmured before she could stop herself.

He frowned at her. “The what?”

She took a deep breath then braced herself as she looked him in the eye. “You always date whatever woman you are seeing for three weeks then switch to someone new. Victoria lasted three weeks and then some. No wonder she thought you were getting married.”

Nick’s frown deepened. “I had promised her that I would take her to that event, and I always keep my promises. You seem to know quite a bit about who I’ve been seeing, Belle.”

Isabella gave a shrug as if it meant nothing to her, but inside her heart pounded. “Everyone knows your tastes, Nick. It’s pretty well known you prefer tall, beautiful, blondes.”

Nick slowly shook his head, keeping his eyes on hers. “No, baby. I may have dated blondes, but I wouldn’t say they were what I prefer.”

She looked at him quizzically and let out a forced chuckle. “Really, Nick…Most of the women you’ve dated could be copies of one another.”

“Exactly. I dated them because they didn’t remind me of what I really wanted.”

Isabella’s heart thudded in her chest. She forced herself to ask the question. “What do you want, Nick?”

He deftly unbuckled his seatbelt then reached across and undid hers. Before she knew it she was sitting on his lap. “Nick!”

Isabella squirmed as she tried to free herself from his hold then froze as she felt the hard proof of his desire for her nestled between the globes of her ass. Her eyes flew to his. Shock filled her as she saw the hunger simmering there, making his eyes flame.

“I—I don’t understand…”

“I think you do,” Nick growled before took her lips in a heated kiss....

Fiction & Literature
22 September
Mara Erotica
Draft2Digital, LLC

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