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"The focus is on the betrayed not the cheater, and if you've been cheated on, I agree with other reviewers: This is the best book, the only one you need." – Reader Review

Whatever shade of infidelity you're dealing with, it is powerfully painful – and the feelings that come with it are hardly ever simple. You feel betrayed, devastated, embarrassed, angry, and completely heartbroken.

Maybe the infidelity was a one-time thing that happened during a drunken evening… or it may have been intentional—weeks, months, or years of romantic dinners, phone calls, and of course, sex. Perhaps it involved one-nights stands with various partners or a deeply emotional connection with one other person.

You ask yourself, "How can I stop infidelity from ruining my life? "or "How do I cope with this nightmare?"

First, you need to know why the pain response is there and why you feel as you do. Until then, it will be difficult for you to move on. Understanding your pain will change your way of thinking almost immediately.

In Cheating in a Nutshell, Wayne and Tamara Mitchell explain the source of your pain.

This book is for you if:

You just learned your partner has cheated on you.

If you are staying with a cheating partner and now realize things cannot be restored.

If you were betrayed in a past relationship and seek a deeper understanding of what happened.

You need to know there is a way out of this darkness, and the first step is to shed light on the issue and understand the structure of this awful experience.

Discover why Cheating in a Nutshell: What Infidelity Does to The Victim is better than the traditional books. Get your copy today.

19 September
Third Ghost Press
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