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Shivering, Skeln awakens from a nightmare with trickles of cold sweat running down his spine. Shivering less from the cold and more from the dream, he clutched the worn blanket closer around his shoulders. The High Chancellor's grinning face and the red-hot brand still hovered before his eyes in the predawn dusk filtering in through cracks in the wall. Sleep is impossible so he decides to leave his father snoring softly and take a walk to settle his agitated thoughts. Black carriages, men in mail wearing the king's oak sigil, the High Chancellor revealing that he hunted people possessing outlawed Gifts, and other images refused to be subdued. A dream so real that he couldn't offhandedly dismiss it, even though he knew it to be insanity.

Skeln's doubts faltered when he sighted the black carriage manned by the dreaded men in mail wending its way up the valley towards his home. Flee before it is too late. Flee and never look back. Flee else nightmare becomes substance.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
9 September
Spencer Johnson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

biizo ,


I’ve never actually written a review for a book online before, but I feel this one deserves it. The author is clearly talented and has created an immersive story with multiple plots which are coming together very well. I haven’t found much regarding the author, but judging from this book, I can tell they are have thoroughly researched and have invested plenty of time and effort into making this an enjoyable read. I’m excited for the rest of the series, but they don’t seem to have been uploaded to Apple Books. This is disappointing for myself and other readers wanting to continue this series. Other than that, there is nothing stopping this series from becoming a wonderful success for the deserving author. I encourage them to maintain the same level of dedication they have applied to this book, to future ones.

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