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Cinderella retold: Fae, vampires, shifters, and a Godmother who’ll grant you any wish—if you pay the price.

Elle and Dex concoct a plan to lure in the Allegiant vampires responsible for the recent spate of human abductions, but a surprising revelation threatens to change everything.

While Elle works hard to keep the ugly truth of who she really is from Dex, it turns out Dex is keeping a secret of his own.

~ ~ ~

This is episode 2 of 6 of a SERIALIZED Cinderella retelling. It is not novel-length. Expect cliffhangers! Approximately 25,000 words or 110 print pages.

**Prefer to binge-read all the episodes together? Look for City of Wishes: The Complete Cinderella Story**

~ ~ ~

In a world of fae, vampires and shifters, where wishes can be bought and bargained for, Elle is human, bound to her stepmother by a slave charm. Her only hope at freedom is to wish for it. But the Godmother rules the illegal wish trade, and the price she demands is steep. Is Elle willing to pay it?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 10
Rachel Morgan
Rachel Morgan

Customer Reviews

Fro-Mac ,

Loving the characters

It’s short. But great. Loving this series!

PixieDust1409 ,

Plot twists and suspense

I received a complimentary copy of this book and volunteered to review it.

I love these types of books with faeries, vampires, humans and other creatures mixed together.

As typically a binge reader serial episodes are the death of me and my curiosity. However, as you get embroiled in the mystery of what Elle might be, the desperation behind her actions, the cruelty of the world around her, and the mystery behind Dex, it’s so worth it.

Set in a world where humans are slaves to other supernatural species, and you can buy wishes, this is a very different but amazing retelling of Cinderella.

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