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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Complete Guide - Break the Chains of Negative Thought Patterns and Depression with CBT, Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Life can be sad, and therefore, some thoughts naturally make us sad. It is okay to feel sad about truly horrible events. When someone wrongs you, it is normal to be angry and resentful. Everyone also has moments of fear when their lives appear to be in danger. But when one experiences constant fear, anger or sadness, it could mean they have a challenge with their thinking. For instance, if you get sad when a friend cancels plans and start thinking that no one likes you, there may be a problem. You are taking normal situations and blowing them up to be extreme in your mind. Normal situations should not distress you, and if they do, you may be in need of cognitive-behavioural therapy.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy, or CBT for short, is a form of therapy that attempts to identify negative thought patterns in your mind and correct them. This therapy is employed by some of the most highly educated shrinks, but you can also employ it yourself to make a wonderful difference in your life. CBT allows you to gain control of your mind and stop the thoughts that make you depressed, anxious, or angry all the time.

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CBT in Details

Depression & Anxiety – Why they Haunt Us

Breaking Chains of Negative Thoughts

Turn all the Negative Thought Patterns into Positivity

Using CBT to Get Rid of Depression

Improving Emotional Intelligence

Stay in the Present

And Much Much More..

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Body, Mind & Spirit
1 September
Bob Denny
Draft2Digital, LLC

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