Common Hand Injuries and Infections Common Hand Injuries and Infections

Common Hand Injuries and Infections

A Practical Approach to Early Treatment

Publisher Description

COMMON HAND INJURIES AND INFECTIONS has been a standard for initial care of hand injuries and infections for 40 years. The new 3rd edition has an extensively updated text, improved high-resolution graphics and 8 new instructional videos. The electronic book is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Target Audience: The text assumes no previous Hand Surgery Training. It has long been considered the best initial text on the subject for interns (PGY 1) in Orthopaedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Generations of residents have found the book provides a solid foundation to begin learning about Hand Surgery. Today, advanced practice nurses and physician’s assistants are increasingly manning the front lines in Emergency Departments and also find the guidelines presented useful in their important work.

Critical Need: Best estimates are every year over 10,000,000 patients with upper limb injuries are evaluated in Emergency settings in the USA. Most are initially seen by the book’s Target Audience, who have a critical role in determining the outcome of the patient’s injury. The initial diagnosis and the extent of injury is often not obvious to the untrained eye. Sadly, American medical schools don’t prepare their students for the role they must assume as new interns on July 1 each year. This book was written to address this issue.

Proven Effectiveness: The author's 45-year experience practicing and teaching hand surgery have proved the effectiveness of the practical methods presented here. Armed with the basic techniques of this book, the intern can accurately and confidently: 1. make the correct diagnosis and 2. begin appropriate initial care. Published originally in hard cover by WB Saunders in 1983, Common Hand Injuries and Infections – A Practical Approach to Early Treatment is now in its third edition and almost 40 years later continues to justify reviewers claims of “timeless” and “the best presentation of this material ever written”.

Atlas of Hand Anatomy: An original full-color Atlas of Upper Limb anatomy is included in the back of the text, ready for use in the Emergency Department. In the new 3rd edition, the original artwork is now in High-Resolution color.

Illustrations: 390 images including original line drawings and cartoons, produced specifically for this book, are accompanied by full-color clinical photos. It is a testament to the clarity and high quality of the book’s original artwork that many of its illustrations have appeared in teaching presentations around the world for 4 decades.

Instructional Videos: New in the 3rd edition, 8 instructional “how to” videos are included in the book showing, among other things, exactly how to apply plaster splints and dressings. They are embedded directly in the Apple iBook and once downloaded no internet connection is required.

As a companion to the book, as an tool to help in training Emergency Department personnel, a free 4 hour set of educational lectures based on the book is now available here called Hand Boot Camp Lecture series. See them here:

1. trailer:

2. The complete 4 hour lecture series is on Vimeo here:

Advantages of the Electronic Book: Especially convenient for today’s interns, this critical information goes directly onto their cell phone and into their pocket, making it available for quick reference. Now they can always be sure, just take out their phone and look it up.

Priced right: Developed as a service to the front-line personnel staffing our emergency departments, the book and companion video lecture series are both now free.

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