Common Sense Destroys Faith in the Theory of Evolution

Written in Non-Technical Everyday Language

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The false theory of 

evolution kicks aside God,

but now in non-tech terms 

you can destroy it!

You don’t have to be a white-coat evolutionary scientist to know that:

•     Nothingness did not create everything

•     That chaos did not create our remarkable ordered world

•     That blindness did not create sight, or deafness create hearing

•     That unconsciousness did not create consciousness

•     …and the list goes on and on. It’s not even common sense!


Evolution is merely a way for God-denying people to give an alternate case for creation, that leaves God out of the picture. Why would they do that? Well, to many scientists and others in our self-oriented world, the thought of God “restricting” their desires is not a good thought.


Wake up Christian influencers! You now have a common-sense, evidence-based, non-technical way to win against the unfounded theory of evolution, which UNDERMINES God and His Word, beginning in Genesis 1:1. We now have generations doubting the authenticity of God and His Word, all springing out of the false philosophy of evolution – and you wonder why our Christian heritage is slipping away…


•     How do evolutionists say it all got started?

•     Why is nature so orderly…and predictable?

•     Why does it lend itself to classification (Agronomy to Zoology and everything in between? 

•     The periodic table? The laws of physics? The overall harmony and interconnection of Ecology?


There must be an “uncaused first cause.” Yes! The God of the Bible. This book will make more sense than anything you’ve read in a while. Understandable. Convincing. Christ-centered. And above all, arming you to DO SOMETHING with these truths to promote belief in God!


They insist evolution is the better answer,

but never explain why!

Religion & Spirituality
20 December
Certa Publishing
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