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This eBook is designed to be a resource for anyone wishing to develop their leadership capacity and improve their school’s learning environment. The resources contained within are a result of a PhD research study with the Queensland University of Technology. The findings are a practical guide for leaders wishing to create outstanding schools.

Throughout this short book you will find suggested resources, reflection questions, group discussion starters and an assessment tool that you can use to appraise your current leadership practice. I do hope that you find it both an encouragement as well as a prompt for growth.

Professional & Technical
10 July
The Centre for Research, Innovation and Future Development
Paul Browning

Customer Reviews

Jon@SPS ,

Compelling Leadership - Review

Dr Paul Browning offers a great insight into how leaders can build a culture of trust that will in turn lead to the kind of dispositions, actions and outcomes every organisation would like to see; innovation, creativity, risk-taking, collaboration and distributed leadership. The real strength is in how accessible it is to either an established or aspiring leader. The practical steps are relevant and evidence-based and a catalyst for transformative change. The book consistently nudges thinking and encourages reflection. The layout, the visuals, the interactivity and compelling nature of the read means this is a must for anyone who seeks the benefits of a trusting organisation.

Histgeek ,

Trust me - well worth your time

This is more than just another edu-jargon book. Clear & well researched, Dr Browning's book offers constructive guidance for anyone in a leadership role (or aiming for one). The critical reflection questions & rubric are going to become an integral component of leadership evaluation both on a personal & team level. Chapter questions that are both insightful & challenging can provide the foundation for future objectives, PD or mentoring conversations.
The incorporation of anecdotes & personal experiences elucidates the many challenges in building trust within a team/ learning community. It reminds us that people can be complicated, unpredictable & at times frustrating. Ultimately, however, it reminds those who aspire to be inspirational leaders that the bottom line for most team members is not exam scores, or enrolment numbers - it is to be valued by leaders they trust.

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