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He is best known for his historical adventure stories that were popular in the late 19th century. His works include The Dragon & The Raven (1886), For The Temple (1888), Under Drake's Flag (1883) and In Freedom's Cause (1885).

Table of Contents

The Dragon and the Raven; Or, The Days of King Alfred (1886)

Under Drake's Flag (1883)

The Cornet of Horse, A Tale of Marlborough's War (1914)

When London Burned (1895)

Bonnie Prince Charlie, A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden (1888)

By Right of Conquest, or, With Cortez in Mexico (1891)

Maori and Settler, A Story of The New Zealand War (1891)

Colonel Thorndyke's Secret (1901)

A Girl of the Commune, A Tale of Two Sieges of Paris (1895)

March to Magdala (1868)

Winning His Spurs A Tale of the Crusades (1895)

In Times of Peril, A Tale of India (1881)

In Greek Waters (1892)

One of the 28th (1890)

Under Wellington's Command, A Tale of the Peninsular War (1899)

Rujub, the Juggler (1893)

At Agincourt, White Hoods of Paris (1896)

The Curse of Carne's Hold (1889)

At Aboukir and Acre (1899)

The Lion of Saint Mark (1889)

Under Drake's Flag (1883)-

"A book of adventure, where the hero meets with experience enough one would think to turn his hair gray."--Harper's Monthly Magazine.

Bonnie Prince Charlie, A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden (1888)-

"Ronald, the hero, is very like the hero of Quentin Durward. The lad's journey across France with his faithful attendant Malcolm, and his hairbreadth escapes from the machinations of his father's enemies, make up as good a narrative of the kind as we have ever read. For freshness of treatment and variety of incident, Mr. Henty has here surpassed himself."--Spectator.

Maori and Settler, A Story of The New Zealand War (1891)-

In the following story I have made no attempt to give anything like a general history of the long struggle between the brave tribes of New Zealand and the forces of England and the colony. That struggle lasted over a period of some years, and to do justice to its numerous incidents in the course of a single volume would have left no space whatever available for the telling of a story.

Colonel Thorndyke's Secret (1901)-

The plot of the story hinges upon the possession of a valuable bracelet of diamonds, stolen from a Hindoo idol by a British soldier in India.

One of the 28th (1890)-

Herbert Penfold, being desirous of benefiting the daughter of an intimate friend, and Ralph Conway, the son of a lady to whom he had once been engaged, draws up a will dividing his property between them, and places it in a hiding-place only known to members of his own family. At his death his two sisters determine to keep silence, and the authorized search for the will...

Under Wellington's Command, A Tale of the Peninsular War (1899)-

The tale of Terrance O'Connor, son of a senior captain, who joined Sir Aurther Wellesley's expedition to Portugal. A young man notorious for his mischievous pranks, Terrance's quick witted suggestion saves the outgoing transport from attack by French privateers, and he is selected as an aides-de-camp to the General. A sequel to With Moore at Corunna.

Rujub, the Juggler (1893)-

An historical tale for young and old, dealing with the Sepoy Mutiny, in India, during the years 1857 to 1859.This famous mutiny occurred while the reins of British rule in India were in the hands of Lord Canning.

At Aboukir and Acre (1899)-

With the general knowledge of geography now possessed we may well wonder at the wild notion entertained both by Bonaparte and the French authorities that it would be possible, after conquering Egypt, to march an army through Syria, Persia, and the wild countries of the northern borders of India, and to drive the British altogether from that country.

The Lion of Saint Mark (1889)-

"Mr. Henty has probably not published a more interesting story than The Lion of St. Mark. He has certainly not published one in which he has been at such pains to rise to the dignity of his subject. Mr. Henty's battle-pieces are admirable."--The Academy.

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