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Publishing a book in any genre is an exciting but daunting undertaking for first-time authors. Self-publishing even more so. With over 60 ebooks published online, the husband and wife team of Findlay Books have put together this book to help new authors navigate their way through self-publishing. Although this book is aimed at Kiwis writing and publishing to online platforms, it is a fantastic tool for anyone in the 'verse who need a head start on their publishing journey.

Quirky, practical and occasionally irreverent, the book focuses on what you actually need to know. You won't find any 'get-rich-quick' tips, waffly jargon, or snootiness here, just plain old number-8-wire ingenuity kind of writing for real Kiwis who want to share real stories with the world. Chapters are thorough, concise and extended with clickable links to further information on the topics covered.

We will take a look at 10 'lessons' that every new self-publisher needs to learn including:

Lesson 1) Before the Nitty-gritty of Self-publishing

Lesson 2) Legal and Financial Issues Part One – Copyright

Lesson 3) Using Professional Editors and Proofreaders

Lesson 4) Formatting your Book for Publishing

Lesson 5) Working with Images, including Cover Design

Lesson 6) How to Publish a Book Online – A Step-by- step Guide

Lesson 7) Legal and Financial Issues Part Two – Royalties

Lesson 8) Legal and Financial Issues Part Three – Tax

Lesson 9) Marketing and Promotions

Lesson 10) Vanity Publishing and Print-on-demand

Our final chapter focuses on 'Distributing in NZ' and highlights the changing characteristics of the NZ publishing industry and what that means for every new Kiwi author.

Included in this fantastic guide book are links for downloading book templates for your chapter or picture ebook, and templates for your print-on-demand chapter or picture book.

This book was written in conjunction with Joy and Bevan's Self-Publishing Workshop. For more information, please visit their website.

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6 November
Findlay Books
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