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In the final chapter of the Confessions of a Sorority Girl saga, Natalia Darque recounts her final night as a member of a national social sorority that threw her out for her forbidden interracial romances.

Read this final episode in which Natalia strives to come out on top of the bigots who made her life hell.

In the process, Natalia has some of the most incredible adventures of her life.

An excerpt from Confessions of a Sorority Girl: The Omega Train: (Excerpt has language changed to achieve a PG-13 Rating for this description)

For my final act as an Alpha, I was determined to go out with a bang, and to really give them something to think about it they tried to talk crap about me on campus. I had just the idea.
I intended to do something so scandalous that they would probably shit a brick when I told them. And I did intend to tell them. In every gory and sordid detail that they really didn’t want to hear. Furthermore, I intended to tell them at the sorority meeting right before they tried to kick me out. I was going to tell them what I had done, and also tell them to take their sorority and stick it so far up their uptight white butts that it would never see daylight again.
I talked to Reggie and Drake and asked for their help in setting it up. I intended to take on the entire Omega fraternity, at least the ones that wanted to. They had about 15 members, but a couple were married and several of the guys had girlfriends, so I knew there would be some that wouldn’t be interested. I told Drake that I didn’t want to take on several at once. I wanted to take them on one at a time, one after another.
“Oh, so you want us to pull a train on ya?” he asked.
“Is that what you call it?” I queried.
Making an up and down motion with his closed fist like an engineer pulling the chain for a whistle, Drake made a “WoooWooo” sound.
“Yeah, baby. That’s what they call it,” he said with a grin.
I arrived at the Omega House at the appointed hour, which was 9 pm. I was wearing a clingy one-piece tube-type mini skirt. Other than my shoes, I was wearing nothing else. When I arrived, there were eight guys in the house. I recognized all of them from the parties. Drake and Reggie were both there, along with six other Omegas. I was surrounded by eight good looking black guys, all of them clearly excited about what was about to occur.
“OK, baby, I got it all set up. We’re going to use Tom’s room. He has the biggest bed in the house,” Drake said. Tom (not his real name) was the chapter president.
“Here’s how it’s gonna to work,” Drake continued. “We have a hat with slips of paper in it, with numbers on them. We’re going to draw lots to see what order we go in. If it’s OK with you, the others can watch while we take turns doin’ you. Will that work?”
“Sounds good to me,” I said. I was really excited by the thought of doing all these guys, who had always been really sweet to me. I was even more excited by the thought of them watching me getting screwed repeatedly. I had discovered I had a previously unknown exhibitionist streak in me.
“OK, guys. Let’s draw numbers. But don’t say what number you have out loud. It needs to be a surprise,” Drake said.
One after another, the guys reached into the hat and pulled out their numbers.
Once they all had their numbers, Drake motioned toward Tom’s room.
“Shall we begin?” He said in an exaggerated manner.
Without saying a word, I led the way to Tom’s room, with the eight guys following along behind me. I swayed my ass provocatively as I went down the hall, knowing that all eight pairs of eyes were glued on my butt in anticipation.
Once in the room, I kicked off my high heels and climbed onto Tom’s bed, setting in the center of the bed with my legs gathered underneath me, my tiny mini-skirt gathered coquettishly around me, hiding the treasures underneath.

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15 January
Darque of Night Publishing
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