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If you're feeling like you're getting nowhere in life, or you feel as if you have basically failed at everything, then read this will be the most important book you read this year…

Here's why.

We've all heard the phrase "nice guys finish last"

And if you are too nice, you make your way through life by being submissive to the people around you.

So you want to take charge in situations…

But are worried, you'll come across as overbearing.

This short guide is your answer.

You'll find simple ways, which you can apply today, to be assertive without being rude.

To get what you want, without changing your core values.

For building lasting relationships while still being true to yourself.

Here's just a small fraction of what you'll discover:
The 10 signs of being a pushoverThe secret to giving real compliments people actually believe (once you start doing this, they cannot help but have massive respect for you)How to respond to backhanded compliments from people trying to knock you downThe playful way to make fun of others without hurting their feelingsHow many compliment is too many? What you need to know.A counter-intuitive way to gain the trust and respect of authority figures (so simple yet 99% of people won't do it)Hate conflict? How to overcome that in minute.The single worst word you can use to start a sentence (doing this instantly gives people a low opinion of you)How to spot this conversation trap which unethical and immoral people use to manipulate "nice people"
So if you want to unburden yourself from the shackles of your past… and start working towards the life you have always wanted…rather than towards the life you were programmed by your past to want…

Body, Mind & Spirit
3 November
Stuart Killan
Draft2Digital, LLC

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