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Confident & Epic

21 Decisions To Living Your Best Life

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Through a series of real life stories, Lucy inspires you to expedite your personal development journey and live your best life by design.

From China to America, from failed acting audition frustrations to alignment, from loneliness and stress to a life of fulfillment, from high school drop out to becoming a podcaster, coach, and author, this is a book of optimism, joy and motivation.

“Lucy Liu’s book is a great guide to building true confidence as she shares these decision making tips to help you move forward in your journey. As someone who talks about confidence, this is another great resource to have by your side when building your confidence in business and life.” 

Sheena Yap Chan — Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Podcast Host of “The Tao Of Self Confidence,” Keynote Speaker, and Consultant on Self-confidence and Leadership

“Real. Raw. Relatable. Lucy fearlessly lays bare her own struggles and vulnerabilities, inviting readers on an emotionally charged journey of
self-discovery and growth. Through her candid and relatable anecdotes,
Lucy inspires readers to confront their own inner shadows with newfound courage and compassion. This book is a powerful guide to embracing our imperfections, fears, and doubts which lead to profound personal transformation and genuine connections with others.” 

Lauren Smith — Business Strategist, Author, Mentor, Podcast Host of “Master Your Mind, Business and Life” and “Awaken Your Soul.”

“I read a lot of self-help, inspirational pieces, but this one really stuck with me. It felt deeply personal and honest, while also offering helpful insights and actionable ways to make improvements in life!”

Sydney Owens — Founder and Owner of Chicken Scratch, LLC

“Life is but a series of decisions. Lucy Liu eloquently shares stories and perspectives to help you navigate the art of decision making by transforming your mindset and living your purpose. Step into your own transformative power and make better decisions, large and small, and begin living the life you are called to live by following Lucy’s journey of overcoming fear to transform and step into her life purpose - to help you discover what you can do to live the life you’ve dreamed of.”

Robyn Graham — Marketing and Lead Generation Strategist, Host of “The Robyn Graham Show,” Author of “You, Me, and Anxiety”

Body, Mind & Spirit
8 September
Lucy P Liu
PublishDrive Inc.

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