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Don't you want to keep feeling excruciatingly miserable? Are you up for reading yet another book dedicated to the family dog you could not care less about? Then buy any other book and experience those meandering and uninformative, 200+ page borefest, of which most of the content is fluff to keep publishing house at pressing big books. This book is specifically tailored to conform to the short attention span of anxious people and spills the beans about its core theory and related practices within its first three short chapters. The remaining 24 chapters are about the down-to-earth applications and ideas on how to increase your happiness and decrease your anxiety and emotional discomfort, permanently.

The focus of this book is not just on demonstrating the featured practice-proven theories and practices such as the organizational energy management practices of The Energy Project (detailed in a Harvard Business Review article titled "Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time") that forms the factual basis of this book. The main objective is at all parts to share knowledge about simple every-day things the reader can do to increase its happiness and curb the sources of unhappiness in a big way. For genuinely challenging issues such reflexive fear and anxiety and not being able to focus on multiple things at the same time, techniques such as fear-confrontation technique, attention training technique and exposure and response prevention aka ERP are presented. If you hate solving your issues and dislike feeling better about your valuable life, don't buy this book.

The content themes of the book are arranged according the four energy elements of happiness: health, emotional, mental and spiritual. For example there are chapters about a proper diet and sexuality. Other themes include making life emotional, humour, resolving your own complexes, reducing your attention deficiency with simple practice, training your sense of humour and social skills on your own, establishing your own goals and purposes, avoiding harmful stressing, becoming the kind of person that makes you most happy and natural antidepressants available at an average grocery store that feature none of the harmful side-effects of the big-dollar pharmaceutical products, and many more themes.

All of the content is provided in a condensed no-nonsense form at a low price, mostly because this book is product of fun, love and care of people with really challenging personal issues. For example, just one hour of psychiatrist's time can easily cost you ten times the price of this book and even after the hour, the practicing doctor is not guaranteed to tell you anything useful. It is safe to say that price of this book can easily save you free time and medical services worth of tens of thousands of USD over the rest of your lifetime. To top that off, it can help you make your memories happier by teaching you how to not stress and help you get rid of your bad ones. Simply put, this book can easily make your life better.

Body, Mind & Spirit
24 June
Pertti Aholanka
Smashwords, Inc.

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