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Get Rid of Insecurity, Reduce Stress, Develop Unshakable Self Confidence, and Accelerate Your Pace to Achieve Your Goals Faster.

What if you are able to shake hands with Failure instead of trembling with fear? What if you are able to strengthen your own Inner GPS to seek right guidance everytime?

Imagine yourself taking consistent actions towards your dreams despite being scared; Imagine your mind getting calmer and offering you the best next action step.

If you think you had been dreading to take action due to fear of failure; If you have always believed failure as if it is some eruption of volcano; if you have always been afraid of being labelled as failure, which is stopping you to move even an inch forward,  you are about to get access to your new set of lenses to see the world differently now.

Som Bathla, an avid reader, researcher of life, and author of multiple bestsellers at Amazon, has addressed all your dreading concerns about failure through proven strategies in his book “CONQUER YOUR FEAR OF FAILURE

CONQUER YOUR FEAR OF FAILURE is written to peel the onion of human psychology and get deeper into your inner world to expose all your fears about failing and imaginary world of failure. This Book has all the tools to upgrade your belief system, teach you the fundamentals of success, and empower you to take massive action.

The deconstruction of all your false reasons behind your fear of failure and your imaginary horrible outcomes .The terrible failure stories of 12 world famous people, who despite so many failures ultimate led to triumph.You will be able to reprogram your belief system to perceive the failure as a catalyst to success .You will Learn How Jack Ma, a school teacher and a life-time failure ultimate led to a multi-Billionaire due to his approach toward failure.You will be exposed to a simple technique to convert your fear of failure into excitement and exhiliaration supported with studies.Find out this five-letter ‘F-word’ to overcome this four letter word Fear and how our religious scriptures have emphasised upon the importance of this.Why you should make your fears tangible by doing ‘fear journal’ technique and how it help you jumpstart your action.Learn How you can tune your inner radio station with the universal cues relayed to you to take the best action towards your goals.
CONQUER YOUR FEAR OF FAILURE is written for anyone who is not moving forward in his or her life due to fear of failure. Whether you are a student, employee, professional, entrepreneur or anyone who has to take some decision for doing anything new, you have to overcome your fear of failure to achieve anything significant. 

Michael Jordan once said:

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." 

Therefore, Don't sit on the fence anymore. Take Your Shot Now

Body, Mind & Spirit
14 March
Som Bathla
Draft2Digital, LLC

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