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Whether you are looking towards gardening as a hobby or for growing fruits and vegetables as main source of food, you can learn everything about it from this book! So, go through this detailed guide of square foot gardening to take your gardening experience to the next level.

Take advantage of the best expertise and experience in the art of container gardening. Using this book, everyone interested in gardening can have wonderful success, even apartment dwellers challenged with living in a space constrained home can experience the joy of fulfilling their passion for growing fruits and vegetables to their hearts content.

Anyone armed with this book will learn the secret of using any available space for growing produce or spices in a container. Whether you've got a balcony, porch, front/back step, or any nook, you've got the space you need to be a grower of your own food. Even if you've only got an indoor window sill or window box, you can still be a successful gardener.

This comprehensive book covers all aspects of container gardening with detailed guidance and also offers practical advice in every aspect of gardening. Learn from a variety of topics and gets answers to your most frequently asked questions. Chapters include:

* Why Choose Container Gardening
* Basics of Container / Square Foot Gardening
* Essential Tools Needed
* Soil Selection
* Selecting Fertilizers
* Watering Requirements
* Plant Selection To Guarantee Success
* Moving Your Garden
* Troubleshooting Gardening Problems

Discover the expert gardening secrets used by others to be successful in space-constrained conditions. They love this book and use it everyday:

"Ever since I moved into my apartment, had given up on growing my own vegetables. There wasn't enough space on my balcony... at least that's what I had thought. After reading this book, I found that I can have my own garden. Truly Amazing! - Rebeca G."

"WOW! I live in a condo in the city with very strict rules and regulations. But I am able to grow my own spices and have fresh cilantro and basil for my cooking. - M.J. Jimari"

This is the ideal book for novice gardeners faced with limited space, but the valuable expert information also provides helpful advice, tips, and tricks that seasoned gardeners will appreciate.

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3 October
Kiakay Alexander
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