Coronavirus Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know about COVID-19

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Do you want to know the real way to keep you and your family safe during this deadly pandemic?
It's terrifying, isn't it? The death toll keeps rising. The virus spreads like wildfire. It feels like as each day goes by, a newly mutated virus pops up. How do you ensure that you're well equipped to face this ever-changing pandemic? You want to protect your family and those you care about. Make sure you don't lose anyone close to you to this life-altering disease. You're worrying about whether the available vaccines can still protect us from all the virus variants. You want to do sports, outdoor activities, and travel without worrying about contracting COVID-19. This book will show you how.

According to Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease: "We do know for absolutely certain that there is a post-COVID syndrome," We will show you the secrets on how to stay safe and improve mental health even if you don't' believe you will get COVID-19. Just as Time Health mentioned: "We May Never Eliminate COVID-19. But We Can Learn to Live With It".

In Coronavirus Ultimate Guide we cover everything you would ever need to know about COVID-19,

Including But NOT limited to:

* How to protect yourself & your loved ones from Coronavirus
* What are the COVID-19 Day-to-Day symptoms & When should you call your doctor
* The secrets to tell whether it's Flu, allergies, or COVID-19
* What to do in Case you get COVID-19
* How to take care of your loved ones if they get COVID-19
* Practical Tips on almost all your daily activities
* If you want or need to go out, how to stay safely
* How to manage the immense anxieties that come with these terrifying times.
* Top facts and myths cleared about COVID-19 vaccines, as well as which mutant COVID-19 (U.K., South Africa, and Brazil) could make you sick EVEN IF YOU got the vaccine?

You will finish this book with a newfound grasp on how to get through this pandemic without losing your head. We understand it's easy to become overwhelmed. This is why we created this guide to help you through it. We delve deep into the proven science on the subject, with up-to-date information you can trust. It is written by professionals with more than twenty years of combined experience in medicine, public health, and consulting. They wrote this book with the hopes of helping even more people manage the madness of these strange times.

This is the definitive guide on the subject and will take you right through everything you would ever know about how to navigate this pandemic. With this book by your side, it will give you the best chance of staying safe and confidently move through this crisis without losing your sanity.

Make sure you're prepared for COVID-19 with this proven guide on the subject! Just click "Buy Now" to get your guide!

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3 June
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