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Amir Mansour has information he wants to pass on to the British Secret Service in return for getting into their witness protection programme. It is a secret that could rock the establishment to its foundations and totally destabilize MI6. But more than one person is out to stop him. Deep within MI6 itself, someone is determined this information should never see the light of day and General Zafrani, the ruthless Syrian Minister of Defence, has made a bargain. In exchange for getting rid of Amir he will have access to material that will help oust the rebel forces in his country and reinforce his position as the most powerful man in the Syrian Cabinet. They are prepared to do anything it takes to silence Amir and enlist the services of a ruthless mercenary assassin. The risks couldn’t be greater and Daniel Rankin, the MI6 Head of Counter-Espionage, is the only man Amir can trust when he is forced to flee for his life.

Events begin to spiral out of control and Daniel brings in his friend, retired detective Charlie Watts, to help find Amir. But that makes them targets too. As dark forces start to close in, Daniel and Charlie find themselves caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue and lies. Daniel has to go on the run and even old friends can no longer be trusted. Daniel is now faced with the greatest challenge of his career when not only he but his family are placed in danger. Desperate to find a way out, he knows whatever decisions he makes there will be a heavy price to pay.

In this immensely readable fifth adventure in the Daniel Rankin series, the pace is fast and exciting. The action moves rapidly between Damascus and London as the story unfolds and the twists keep coming right to the end. Once started, this thriller will be difficult to put down!

Crime & Thrillers
27 March
Barry Hunt
Smashwords, Inc.

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