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"Shona Husk continues to deliver intriguing characters, beautiful settings, treacherous power plays, and steamy encounters…" - Fresh Fiction

Enter the fairy realm of Annwyn with this boxed set

The Outcast Prince
The decadence of the fairy realm is a lure few can resist…
Caspian Mort is an antique dealer who can feel the history in anything he touches, a gift he inherited from his father, the Crown Prince of Annwyn. Hidden from the fairy court to protect him from his father's rivals, he longs to go home.
After her grandmother's death, Lydia Callaway must get the contents of the house she inherited valued. That means letting a stranger paw through her grandmother's things. But Caspian is not what she expected. Caspian is a fairy prince in hiding.

Lord of the Hunt
A fairy who needs a favor, a hunter who can't forget his duty…
The realm of the fairies might be unbelievably beautiful, but its people are notoriously treacherous. Raised among mortals, Taryn hoped to avoid her fairy heritage. But now she must cross over to the fairy kingdom of Annwyn and appeal to the King to pardon her exiled parents, or they will wither in the mortal realm. To get to the King, she'll have to face the Lord of the Hunt.
Verden, Lord of the Hunt, is sworn to serve to King. But the moment he sees Taryn, the attraction is instant and devastating. How can he not help the beautiful, brave young woman who refuses to bend to the will of the court? Yet the power in Annwyn is shifting, its magic failing and the old king is dying. War is coming and Verden will have to choose between Taryn and his king. The wrong choice will tear the seams of Annwyn and let death bleed into the mortal realm.

The Changeling Soldier
Haunted by dreams of a battle he hungers for answers
After fleeing the fairy kingdom of Annwyn in disgrace three centuries ago, Ella built a life in the mortal world making gowns for European royalty and Hollywood starlets. Mortals come and go, and she is always alone. She longs for the home she left behind.
A returned soldier, Isaac Norton has a reoccurring dream: he is fighting in a snow-covered field stained with blue blood. He sees things that shouldn't exist and as the dream becomes more frequent he questions his sanity, until he meets Ella.
Ella knows what Isaac is and what his dream means. The old king is dying. A new one must be crowned and the change of power in Annwyn means she'll get second chance. But if she doesn't make it home before all the doorways are closed for the power handover she'll be trapped in the mortal world and die. She offers to take Isaac.
For Isaac this is the chance of a lifetime. He'll be able to stop the dream and learn who he is. And maybe find a place to belong. But to go to Annwyn he'll have to surrender his soul to Ella.

To Love a King
To claim the throne the fairy prince must marry a human.
Prince Felan ap Gwyn has two weeks to find a woman to sit by his side and rule the fairy realm of Annwyn. He wants more than a cold political marriage like his father. He's wants Jacqueline.
It took years for Jacqueline Ara to put her life back together after Felan was summoned back to Court, and never returned. Fairies ruined her life once before so never again. But then Felan shows up, with the same dazzle and promises. She's not naïve enough to fall for him again. If he wants her trust, he'll have to earn it.
With war in the fairy kingdom looming, Felan and Jacquie will need to heal old wounds and rekindle the passion that once welled between them to save two worlds.

6 November
Shona Husk
Draft2Digital, LLC

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