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Keeping Christmas - B.J. Daniels

Ten years ago, Dixie Bonner was the favourite wild child of a powerful Texas oilman. But after uncovering a dark family secret that cast suspicion on everyone close to her, she took off for a new life and never looked back.

Chance Walker was the cool-eyed cowboy hired to bring her home by Christmas. But after catching her, he couldn’t decide if she was a blackmailer or a victim. Holed up in a remote Montana cabin with the bad guys closing in, two stubborn souls needed to trust each other if they hoped to survive the season...

Secret Agent Santa - Carol Ericson

On the cusp of early retirement, covert agent Mike Becker is given one final assignment: babysit a single mother with a reputation for coming up with conspiracy theories. Except the bullets flying Claire Chadwick’s way can’t be dismissed.

Now Mike will do anything to protect her and her son, and uncover the truth. A truth that places them at the centre of a terrorist attack on Christmas Day. Mike’s career may be coming to a blazing finish, but in this woman he finally has a shot at the redemption that’s eluded him for so long.

Nick Of Time - Elle James

Agent Nick St. Claire had been sent to North Pole, Alaska, to investigate the disappearance of a Christmas shop owner known only as ‘Santa’. Clearly, someone was trying to ruin the holidays, though the clever cowboy never had much use for them. Until he met the missing man’s daughter, Mary Christmas...

As Santa’s only child, Mary was left to tend the shop in his absence — making her the killer’s next target. Nick volunteered to protect her, but he was also a stranger, with a bundle of his own secrets. Could Mary enlighten him on the joys of the season, or would a missing Santa squash her holiday spirit?

1 November
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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