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Crack the Cube includes sixty eight (68) step by step full-color movies to explain concepts, clarify exactly what happens to pieces each step of the way and demonstrate every move sequence required to solve the Rubik's Cube. 

Whether you are old enough to remember the eighties; you loved the scene in the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" where Christopher Gardner (Will Smith) solved the cube in the back of a cab; you have owned a cube for years but have never managed to solve it; you find the existing books and instructions too confusing and hard to follow; or you are simply looking for an interesting challenge to keep you out of trouble, this book is for you. 

Crack the Cube will have you solving your first cube within a few hours. Chapters covering memory and finger techniques show you how to practice until you have no trouble solving the cube every time no matter how well it has been shuffled. With a little more practice you’ll be impressing your friends, kids and parents by solving it in under a minute.

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1 August
Craig Mullan
Craig Mullan

Customer Reviews

Booklover12321 ,


Clearly written, well structured and beautifully illustrated. Easy to follow movies and move sequences show every single move required to solve the cube from beginning to end.
I've had a cube for years and never managed to solve it. Tried a few websites and books before - found the cryptic images, arrows and move codes too confusing. Bought the book last night and have already managed to solve my cube – quite a thrill.

Lady-Loe ,

New master of the CUBE

The CUBE is known for its challenging looks of muddled coloured blocks.
CUBE solving is now made easy with the simplicity of the step by step guidelines in “Crack The Cube”.
A superb festive stocking filler for young and old!