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A Guide for the Story Mapping Writer teaches you how to use the best of "pantsing" and the best of "plotting" to craft your novel from idea stage to audience-ready stage.

Writing process is as individual as the author, but it can be elusive and temperamental. When we know under what conditions we write best, we can design a writing process that helps us commit to our story ideas all the way through project completion. And enjoy ourselves to boot!

Writing coach and author Kate Johnston shares her signature strategy for story development and it is modifiable for any writer. This guide will teach you:
the three-module framework to getting from idea to complete drafthow to craft a logline and how to use it to keep track of your main ploteleven top questions to unveil the big picturethe parts of three-act structurehow to plug events into major turning points. . . and more!
Complementing each chapter is a mini journal of writing workouts designed to help writers put their natural writing forces to work for them so they can commit to and complete any writing project.

Passionate about story but savvy about process, Kate helps writers embrace their stories so they can write successfully with confidence, joy, and rumbling creativity. Her Story Mapping strategy will help clear the fog from idea stage so you can see the story threads within—and get excited to write.

A Guide for the Story Mapping Writer is volume 5 of Kate Johnston's Crafting Story series. Continue blazing the trail to your writing dream with her other guides: A Guide for the Emerging Writer (1), A Guide for the Productive Writer (2), A Guide for the Confident Writer (3), A Guide for the Strategic Writer (4), and the Mindful Goal-Scoring Workbook.

7 March
Kate Johnston
Draft2Digital, LLC

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