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Four Aussies in Seattle
Once brothers
Now strangers
As an unseen enemy takes aim
Four must stand as one for Justice to survive.

A man branded by his past

Seth Justice is tall, daring and dangerous. The former street kid from Sydney owns a thriving technology company in Seattle. But he has bigger goals―or should that be ghosts?―that drive him harder. On the verge of selling his business for a fortune, he’s celebrating when Harper Fox, daughter of the buyer, tumbles into his arms. The curvy café owner enchants him with her sassy personality. Soon they move from easy banter to a night of passion that reveals a sweet vulnerability in the soft-hearted woman.

A woman determined to control her future

After a lifetime of her domineering father’s scorn and rejection, Harper dances to her own beat. She has her café and surrounds herself with a chosen family of her eccentric staff and close friends. While she’s mostly content… her heart aches for more. But Harper has been burned before and doesn’t trust easily. That is, until a man with a panty-melting Aussie accent and a commanding stare entices her to take a chance—on him. When Seth takes charge in the bedroom and ties her control in knots, he awakens a need in Harper that leaves her hungry for more.

A new beginning worth fighting for

When an unseen enemy attacks the new life Seth and his brothers have built, the ensuing disaster tests not only his developing relationship with Harper, but also threatens to sever the last remaining bonds with his brothers. As Seth struggles to protect everything and everyone he loves, he has to determine if Harper is his enemy’s target—or accomplice.

21 April
Fiona Archer
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Customer Reviews

ShardGoo ,


I absolutely loved this story and all the characters. A highly recommended read.

SDemi11111111111 ,

Hot Alpha Male

Craving Justice by Fiona Archer is book one in the Sons of Sydney Series. Fiona Archer is a new author to me and all I can say is I was not disappointed. I will definitely be reading more of Fiona’s work and look forward to it.

Craving Justice follows Seth Justice and Harper Fox’s lives. This book has it all a whirlwind romance, kidnaping, betrayal, jealousy, identity theft and lots more.

Who would have thought a boy that was a State of the Ward would end up being adopted by a rich American woman and have 4 adopted brothers (Dillon, Adam, Zach and Heath.) as well as a successful career. Seth has worked hard for his company Shazad to be successful. When he’s hard work is about to pay off by brokering a deal to sell to the CEO of Brooke-Porter Digital’s, he never thought that his life as he knew it would take a turn.

Harper is the owner of 7Dishes a little cafe that her father Stanton Fox does not approve of.

Betrayal is always hard but when it comes from someone you trust it hurts much, much more.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Seth and Harper’s story and was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t wait to turn each and every page to find out what was going to happen. It was really hard for me to write this review as there was so much I wanted to put in it but it was soooo hard without putting spoilers in it and ruining for any readers that haven’t read it. I loved the Justice Boys, the back and forth banter between them has me giggling at times when it was a little tense in the book. I am so excited to know that the boys stories ain’t ending and will be continuing with Heath’s story next in Tempting Justice.

MLCreads ,

Craving Justice

I loved this book. It has it all romance and suspense and a hint of mystery. Lots of family drama and finally forgiveness and acceptance and a realisation that what Seth really wanted he already had.

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