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You know how to produce an eBook manuscript using Microsoft Word to do it. Now, can you produce an ePub suitable for Kindle and non-Kindle e-readers.

Do you want to give up control over how your eBook is formatted? I suspect, you don’t want that. You want to control how the book is formatted.

In my previous book in this series I suggested Draft2Digital and Reedsy as the better Word to eBook converters. Of the two, Reedsy only supports the fiction style of eBook not the nonfiction style. This may change in the future.

To keep the eBook styling, formatting, and control options under your control requires knowing how to make an ePub eBook.

You can learn to do that.

With success you may decide to farm that task out to others because your skills are needed elsewhere in your business. You must learn to write and produce eBooks for the market place. The formatting quality of an eBook brands it. You must control your brand.

Take the next step from a beginning eBook producer to an intermediate or advanced eBook producer. One who wants to raise the bar of eBook quality and formatting above your competitors level.

What you’ll learn?

  1. What’s an ePub?

  2. What software do you need?

  3. How to use the software?

  4. What eBook distributors are recommended to use?

  5. Step by step cheat sheets guiding you along the ePub journey.

What you’ll get out of if?

  1. Experience in creating an actual ePub eBook for yourself.

  2. Hands on knowledge of Sigil and Word to HTML conversion techniques.

  3. Navigating Amazon KDP or Draft2Digital upload process in order to distribute your eBook.

  3. Control your brand of eBooks and readers’ eBook experience in reading.

  4. Converting a manuscript to an eBook will no longer be a major concern or problem for you.

You shouldn't get your information from a high pressure fire hose. My book was designed to deliver short terse information nuggets. You sip the information not get drowned in it. This is a mentoring approach book. You are expected to do the steps outlined. Not to just read and then put it down never to return to it. To begin a successful eBook creation journey.

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