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Have you always wanted to become an author? Now there's an app for that. iBooks Author allows you to publish your own content to the iBooks Store, making it available to over 60 million iPads worldwide.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

-Create your own interactive books with iBooks Author.

-Add images, movies, and sounds to turn your book into a multimedia masterpiece.

-Use interactive widgets to engage your readers like never before.

-Publish your books either as a free or paid download

We've pulled everything from the finest sources to provide you with answers to your most pressing concerns about publishing with iBooks Author.

Our book shows you everything you need to:

-Download templates and modify them to fit your vision for your book

-Find stock photography and videos to make your book POP

-Create and publish academic texts, complete with a full bibliography and references

-Download and build 3D models your users can manipulate with their own hands

It's all here. We are the definitive resource when it comes to creating and publishing to the iBooks Store. You've got nothing to lose with this GREAT RESOURCE. Try your hand at publishing today!

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17 June
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Customer Reviews

Pfbt ,

Beware the Prezi intro

I haven’t read the book yet; but will update the review when I read. First, I’ll have to recover from the nausea-inducing Prezi introduction with its minutes of pointless zooming and swooping images. Drop the intro guys, just let us get to the book.

I might put more stars in the rating if the book itself is good.

A G A ,

Where is iBook Author?

Good looking iBook, but I can't find the App referred to, 'iBook Author', making the book quite useless to me.

Sanboy31 ,

To use iBooks Author you need a mac

This is a book to show you how to write a book for an iPad or iPhone but you need a mac computer to do it.