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Why has evolution become so widely accepted, and why has the Bible come to be viewed with such hostility? What has changed? Inside this Bible study aid: -- Science, the Bible and Wrong Assumptions -- The Testimony of the New Testament -- Scientists, Creation and Evolution -- Ancient Near Eastern Concepts of Creation -- The Greek Concept of Creation -- What Does the Fossil Record Show? -- The Problem of "Living Fossils" -- The Fossil Record: Expectation vs. Fact -- The Case Against Evolution -- Darwinism Is Not the Same as Evolution -- Microevolution Doesn't Prove Macroevolution -- Competition or Cooperation: How Symbiosis Defies Darwin -- Oddities in Nature That Defy Evolution -- The Scientific Evidence: In the Eye of the Beholder -- Earth's Age: Does the Bible Indicate a Time Interval Between the First and Second Verses of Genesis? -- Genesis 1 and the Days of Creation -- The Societal Consequences of Darwinism -- The World Before Man: The Biblical Explanation

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20 August
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Flopware ,

No sweat.

Don't be dissuaded by philosophy hidden inside the guise of science. Darwin was a failed reverend and Lyell was a wannabe geologist lawyer, can anybody say scientist? Get the book, check the quotes and you'll find the answers, you'll see the veneer if you keep scratching. If you really do love science then get this book and check out adaption/micro evolution. That's all Darwin actually witnessed and was widely understood at that time; everything else is the fertile imagination of a failed reverend and his persuasive lawyer friend. Plenty of legitimate science disciplines to be excited about though so get stuck into it and don't sweat the hard heads.

httydrocks ,

Perfectly true!!!

If you don’t think this book is true then that’s okay but it is 💯% true!!!

Gimme another option ,

Scientific facts prove evolution is false - Darwin is outdated

The fact that there are no fossilised transitional links found between any developmental stages of species evolving even though there should be more of those than the actual species of animals alive today, the complexity of microorganism that require thousands of moving parts, that mutations within DNA result in disease instead of developing into another type all show the absurdity and holes of evolution, while showing that the Bible allows for an unspecified period from the creation of the earth to the 24 hour day period and life on the earth. A must read for all Christians.

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