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Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature is the ultimate resource guide in the universal and inevitable journey of self-discovery – of Know Thyself.   A compendium and synthesis of soul-stirring wit and wisdom on human nature, the book uncovers: 

• What it really means to be human. 

• What your own life is truly about. 

• What gives it meaning and enduring significance.

In words that speak to everyone personally, deeply, directly, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature brings us in touch with innermost beings - our unique capabilities, interests, values, goals, passions, and motivations - so we can use that understanding to build lives that are meaningful, genuinely successful, and personally fulfilling.


The crux of the book and primary reason for its writing is answers to those persistent life questions everyone inevitably encounters at some stage of his or her personal growth and development: 

• Who am I as a person? 

• What do I desire most in my life? 

• What brings me the greatest joy when I do it? 

• What are my special abilities, values, and interests? 

• What do I particularly like to contribute to society and the world?

The goal is to empower the reader with knowledge of his or her special, incomparable, indispensable, and irreplaceable abilities, as well as responsibility to contribute those abilities in building the type of global society we all want to live in, as well as in shaping the viable and sustainable future we want to proudly leave for posterity. 


Sobering, deeply compelling, at times convicting, Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature makes a valued and treasured companion in the tortuous journey of self-discovery, personal development, and career choice! 

Published and publicly-accessible reviews describe Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature as: 

• “a truly phenomenal and path-breaking book” 

• “defines the path to creating a global positive future for generations to come” 

• “engaging and thought provoking” 

• “may well help readers to begin the important journey: of ‘Know Thyself’” 

• “a compelling read … timeless and useful … has a universal appeal … makes us ponder the purpose of our existence”

• “throws light on our innermost nature and helps those who are seeking to reach their full potential and give the world their best” 

• “an excellent read … masterfully illustrates how imagination and creativity drive human evolution and how we can use these as tools to create a better future” 

• “outstanding book” 

• “one of the best books I have read!!!”

Author Bio: Dr. Efiong Etuk is the founding director of the Global Creativity Network, a worldwide community of concerned individuals dedicated to the idea of a world in which everyone can be effective, creative, and successful. Proponent of a "Global Creativity-Consciousness," "The Right to Be Creative," "The Age of Creativity," "Mass Creativity," and the "Global Creativity 'Marshall Plan,'" Dr. Etuk speaks and writes extensively on strategies for nurturing and engaging everybody's unique abilities in the Great Work of building a viable and sustainable global civilization that is a tribute to our generation and an enduring legacy to posterity. 

Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Transformation, Truth, Authenticity, Human Nature, Human Fulfillment, Holistic Health, Personal Growth, Self-Actualization 

12 February
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