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Crime and Behaviour: An Introduction to Criminal and Forensic Psychology is the first textbook to provide a detailed overview of criminal psychology in Singapore. The textbook puts together ideas relating to crime, crime prevention, and criminal psychology, as it occurs in the Singaporean context. While leveraging on psychology as an anchor, the book adopts a multidisciplinary perspective and examines the forensic sciences angle, legal issues, and the investigative perspectives of crimes.

The chapters cover criminal justice agencies in Singapore, theories of crime, deception and lying behaviors, sex crimes, violent crimes, crime prevention, terrorism, and psychology applied in legal settings. Each chapter contains case studies of actual cases and ends with questions for discussion and research, making this a valuable text for courses in university and in law enforcement settings.

This textbook has several unique features, such as:
Contents: Introduction to Criminal and Forensic PsychologyDeception and the Detection of DeceptionCriminal ProfilingSex OffendingViolent OffendingResponding to CrimeTerrorism and Violent ExtremismApplying Forensic Psychology in Legal Settings
Readership: Students, researchers, professionals, and practitioners in the field of law enforcement and criminal behaviour research.Crime;Behavioural Science;Psychology;Criminal Psychology;Forensic Psychology;Deception;Detection;Profiling;Sexual Crimes;Homicide;Violent Crimes;Terrorism;Extremism;Preventing Crime;Responding to Crime;Legal Psychology0Key Features:It has a Singaporean perspective to criminal psychology. This has never ever been done in any other published textbook on criminal psychologyIt is the first ever textbook on criminal psychology in SingaporeIt is written by a practicing pioneer forensic police psychologist who has worked with law enforcement, backed by 25 years of experience. His knowledge comes from years of studying and interviewing young offenders, gang members, rapists, child sex molesters, and terroristsIt contains case studies of actual crime cases that have occurred in Singapore

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