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The evaluation and management of sport-related concussion continue to be controversial topics among sports medicine professionals. Currently, no consensus exists among researchers or clinicians with respect to concussion definition, severity measurement, diagnostic measures, or return-to-play criteria. In contrast with other athletic injuries, no simple test is available for diagnosing a concussion. Therefore, concussion evaluation and management should be considered a multifaceted protocol. (1-5) Numerous consensus and position statements have recommended the use of a clinical examination, symptom checklist, postural stability assessment, and neurocognitive testing. (2-4,6) Furthermore, many consensus and position statements have attempted to amalgamate current research on concussion in an attempt to provide clarity and agreement between research and practice. (2-4) However, the utility of these consensus and position statements largely depends on the dissemination of this information to the clinical setting and to those responsible for educating future clinicians. The classroom and clinical components of the athletic training education program are structured around the Competencies in Athletic Training (7) (published by the National Athletic Trainers' Association [NATA] Education Council) and the Role Delineation Study, 5th edition (conducted and published by the Board of Certification). (8) The Matrix for the Competencies, 4th edition (available for purchase at http://www.nataec.org), includes the following competency: "Define cerebral concussion, list the signs and symptoms of concussions, identify the methods for determining the neurocognitive status of a patient who sustains a concussion and describe contemporary concepts for the management and return-to-participation of a patient who sustains a concussion." (9) However, the NATA Education Council did not recommend which concussion guidelines should be taught in the classroom and the clinical setting. Therefore, it is up to each institution to stay current with the most up-to-date concussion guidelines.

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