Curves, Cowboys and Paranormal Love

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Three separate stand alone stories of paranormal cowboys and the curvy women they love. 

Whether it's a cowboy ghost satisfying his urges after 150 years of waiting, the only human female on a farm full of shifter cowboys, or a vampire hunter and her new vampire cowboy partner, every one of these men will know sensual pleasures only possible with women who have curves in all the right places.

This 38,800+ word Steamy Paranormal Cowboy collection includes: Curves for the Cowboy Ghost, My Curvy Werewolf Romance, and Curves For Her Vampire Cowboy. 

Curves for the Cowboy Ghost

While shooting popular ghost-hunting show Phantom Busters in a haunted house, curvy Mary finds exactly what she's been looking for... in more ways than one. 

Cowboy ghost Timothy Nolan has been trapped in the spirit world since the Old West days, and he's got pent-up urges only a special full-figured girl can satisfy.

Now it's up to Mary to give her ghost with a post a mind-blowing experience that's literally out of this world. After all, it’s what he needs to move on, and if she enjoys it along the way… well, it’s all just part of the job.

My Curvy Werewolf Romance

Jen has always had a strong affinity with animals – and as a Veterinarian and the only human at a Werewolf run farm deep in Texas… that is a very good thing. 

Cattle have been disappearing, and while the farm is filled with keen noses and fast paws, the cause or culprit has escaped them. Needing new eyes and talent, Jen is hired as the new ranch hand. Her job is to help care for the animals, and help fetter what is going on with the cattle – working with and even bunking with her fellow farmhands is just an added bonus.

Tall, muscular and immensely Were, Brent grabs her attention from the moment they meet – too bad the ‘pseudo’ alpha female, Becky, is intent on causing her trouble. 

Curves For Her Vampire Cowboy

Roberta is curvy, fierce, and a one vampire kill over her limit.

The local vampire nest has run out of tolerance, and if Roberta wants to live to see morning, she has to do exactly what they say. 

That means working with the very creature she’s sworn to kill — and hanging out with Ghoul-Folk is not something a vampire hunter does. It’s not ideal, but her new partner is awfully cute, and an authentic Old-West cowboy to boot. What’s not to love?

Just the fact he thirsts for her blood.

Can a ferocious vampire hunter and Old West cowboy work together to complete their mission… and maybe discover something more?

11 November
Leslie Diver
Draft2Digital, LLC

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