Curves for Other Worlds

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Whether it's a cowboy ghost with 150 years of pent-up urges, a man in a parallel universe surprised by the twin of his lost wife, or a pirate and a time-swapped modern New York museum worker, every one of these men will know pleasures only possible with women from other worlds who have curves in all the right places. 

This 49,300+ Steamy Sci-Fi and Paranormal collection includes: Curves for the Cowboy Ghost, A Universe With Her Lost Love, Curves for Her Pirate, and More Curves for Her Pirate.

Curves for the Cowboy Ghost

While shooting popular ghost-hunting show Phantom Busters in a haunted house, curvy Mary finds exactly what she's been looking for... in more ways than one. 

Cowboy ghost Timothy Nolan has been trapped in the spirit world since the Old West days, and he's got pent-up urges only a special full-figured girl can satisfy.

Now it's up to Mary to give her ghost with a post a mind-blowing experience that's literally out of this world. After all, it’s what he needs to move on, and if she enjoys it along the way… well, it’s all just part of the job.

A Universe With Her Lost Love 

What if you could have a second chance with the one who got away?

Five years ago, Marie lost everything. She couldn't believe a hot guy like Bill could love a curvy girl like her. In the end, it destroyed her one chance at true happiness. She's spent years cursing her decision, Bill's accident, and wondering what could have been. 

Now, thanks to a portal with the power to transport her to parallel universes, she has an opportunity to find out. She’ll see a life where she said yes. 

All she has to do is step through.

Curves for Her Pirate

When a lonely museum worker finds a mysterious ring hidden within a ruins of ancient pirate ship's steering wheel, the last thing she expects is to be sent back three hundred years to the Golden Age of Piracy — straight onto the deck of a real life pirate ship.

Lucky for her, the Golden Age was a time when "men were men" and they liked their women with curves in all the right places. 

Surrounded by a desperate crew in the middle of the ocean, and suspected of being a witch, will Kim ever get back to her own time, if she survives at all? After a lingering encounter with the infamous Captain Charles Bellamy – The Beast of the Seas – does she want to? 

More Curves for Her Pirate

After returning home from her exotic adventures during the Golden Age of Piracy, Kim's surprised to find that her hunky pirate lover has suddenly appeared in her New York apartment. Apparently, time-travel goes both ways, and Captain Charles Bellamy wasn’t ready to let her go so easily.

But can a sun-kissed pirate captain survive modern day New York? More importantly, can New York survive him?

Kim has a few ideas that could make him feel more at home – even if he doesn’t understand the city, he knows everything he needs to about her curves.

The love of a full-figured girl is the greatest treasure of all, but in the shadows a strange man awaits... prepared to do anything to fix a 'time-traveling mistake'.

Is this the end of their centuries-spanning romance, or can two lovers separated by both time and place finally find a way to stay together? 

The first part of Curves For Her Pirate is available at my site if you want a sample first.

22 May
Leslie Diver
Draft2Digital, LLC

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